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After 17 years as a Global Tech-Entrepreneur,
now I am helping other entrepreneurs succeed.
Not a coach, not a consultant,
but a real entrepreneur on your side!

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What I Do

I bring your potential to the next level


How can you be sure you designed the best possible strategies to guarantee the future of your business?


How can you grow as a leader if you are always busy solving company issues & problems?


Why should you feel lonely in taking decisions and keeping the company on track?


Discover How I Can Help You To Grow Your Business Fast

I am a “Business Sherpa”, an expert tech-entrepreneur that will assist and guide you to enrich your skills and grow your company

  • identify and anticipate business challenges;
  • discover new opportunities for company growth;
  • design effective strategies for business development, go-to-market, innovation, human resources, etc...;
  • grow your skills and be sure you can become the best version of yourself

What You Can Achieve

As a leader

  • Be recognized as a leader in your market;
  • A seat at the table of the organizations shaping/driving your field;
  • International awards/recognition;
  • Invitation to international events/interviews/podcasts;
  • Solid Entrepreneurship skills & mindset to overcome business issues easily;
  • A strong international network of experts to rely on;
  • Excellent resources/people management capabilities;
  • Effectiveness in results accomplishments

As a company

  • Partnership establishment with top market leaders in the world;
  • Drastically valuation increase;
  • From a tech project to a millions value company;
  • Quadrupled monthly turnover;
  • Brand reputation and recognition;
  • Validation of the product/technology + proof of concept with industry/universities;
  • Effective proved go-to-market strategy;
  • Effective technology roadmap able to generate revenue on the market from year 1;
  • Capital raised from international investors

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What People Are Saying

Everyone needs someone challenging him/her, to become the best version of themself

"The guidance provided by Carlo was very important for our Company. The knowledge of the business world and entrepreneurship and his passionate way to communicate it's strong. That is helping us keep the focus on our aims and growing in the right way. More than this, he is driving us in a better consciousness of our business method, staying away from the easy falls in which every company can sink. Strongly recommended!"
"Our company has run for 4 years so far, following different paths and trying different solutions. We had to make so many different decisions, and study so many different fields (business, marketing, sales,...) that it was almost impossible to choose the right path at the first time, incurring several dead ends. Carlo gave us the opportunity to continuously share our ideas with highly skilled professionals helping us sharpen our business and be more focused on the final goal."
"Carlo is a consummate, experienced business professional. What I find unique about this fine Gentleman, is his empathetic and human-being-centric approach, applied to business coaching. For example; I was seeking advice on the layout of a presentation document. I was expecting visual and information design feedback. Carlo's first question was: "Is the document not clear for all that it was presented to?" The answer was "no, it's clear to some; not to others". He then concluded, "your issue isn't necessarily the document, but, perhaps, in not understanding the different audiences that need to ingest the information in different ways. You need to understand your audiences' listening first; then design the appropriate document(s)". The story speaks volumes about Carlo's depth in understanding and then supporting change."

Meet Carlo Rivis

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars." (Les Brown)


Carlo Rivis

Business Sherpa

I am a serial entrepreneur with more than 17 Years of experience in Driving Innovation, leading complex technology projects and teams internationally. My background includes successful experience driving the adoption of new technology innovations, processes, and best practices that reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

A Unique Business Sherpa

Being a business leader today is more challenging than ever!


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My Toolbox

What I learned from experience and I am ready to share with you


See beyond things, project ideas into the future, evaluating their impact in comparison on society.


Analyze problems from different angles, with different point-of-views, to identify the best solution suitable for you.

Connecting The Dots

Connecting things from different technologies, fields, and markets to identify disruptive innovations and find unique solutions capable of overcoming industry limits.

Lean Management

Flexible business management that allows the continuous improvement of the company and its fast growth.

Innovation Mindset

Necessary to do business nowadays, guaranteeing the company future.

Innovation Process

The introduction of new processes to support company growth.

Innovation Design

Development of innovative solutions to drive the company into the future.

Technology Acquisition

The acquisition of new technologies and skills is a fundamental point for business success.

Technology Roadmap

Strategic planning of the development of technological projects focusing on the target market and its penetration strategies.


The process of verifying the interest of an idea on the market reducing economic risk and maximizing its effectiveness.

Business Development

Strategic planning to support the achievement of company objectives.


Elaboration and creation of effective strategies to become a leader of the national and international markets.

Business Model

How to sell a product effectively, leaving the usual patterns overcoming competitors.


Expansion on the most interesting international markets.


The creation of an effective corporate brand and the development of market reputation.


Development of sales strategies that increase annual turnover.


Modernization of the company structure to be future proof.

Smart Working

Introduction of new working methods that allow the company more efficiency and flexibility for the penetration of the global market.

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